The "Elefante" Story


Provide the highest quality fruit to the world and establish Ghana as a global leader in the agricultural industry while creating sustainable Ghanaian farming communities.


Elefante Farms has an uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation, and social impact to create sustainable farming communities.  By combining deep agricultural expertise and innovative management practices we will create a premium experience for our customers consisting of high quality fruit delivered with the highest level of service.

The meaning behind our name and logo

Pineapple is a core fruit production at Elefante Farms. The pineapple is covered in traditional Kente cloth pattern to represent the Ghana. When customers see this, they will think of Ghana.
Ghana is home to one of the unique breeds of elephants in Africa. These elephants are among the most gentle and friendly in the continent and can be found in the Mole National Park.
Ele – Fante – a play on words. Fante is one of the dominant languages in the central region of Ghana.

Combined they all represent Ghana in its fullest.

Just two hours west of the capital of Ghana, you can find Ekumfi Abor, home to Elefante Farms, a company that specializes in ethical pineapple cultivation.